Career at Innopolis University


Career at Innopolis University

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Innopolis university offers:

Employment in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation  

Corporate life

Процесс постоянного роста и возможности самореализации

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  • Optional medical insurance: services in clinics and dentists, doctor home visits
  • Outpatient Point at the University is open 24/7
  • Annual medical check-up: free vaccination and chest X-ray
  • Paid sick leave 


  • Reimbursement of 85% gym membership's cost
  • Free ski equipment rental 
  • Free access to volleyball and basketball courts, football fields, tennis courts, running tracks, and hockey courts 


  • Kazan-Innopolis service on weekdays is free for University employees. You can use two trips per day.
  • Up-to-date bus schedules on Innopolis city's website and in Telegram bot, where you can also track shuttle's actual location.


Организация переезда в Иннополис

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  • Modern and light-filled rooms with views on Sviyaga landscapes
  • Additional work areas: reading rooms with sofas and armchairs, meeting rooms with plasmas and marker boards
  • Canteens, cafes and coffee shops inside academic and living buildings, kitchen with free tea and coffee
  • All employees are welcome to organize their own lectures or events aimed at development of corporate culture and life on campus



Innopolis University contains 15 research laboratories and 6 scientific centres, as well as holds partnership with major Russian companies: Gazprom, Aeroflot, KAMAZ, Norilsk Nickel, Russian grids, RusHydro, Severstal, etc. 

The Centre in the field of Robotics and Mechatronics was established at Innopolis University in 2018. There are 6 laboratories in the Centre which conducts scientific research in the field of anthropomorphic and industrial robotics, unmanned vehicles and aircraft, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, etc. 


Success story

Please submit your faculty job application pack via this form.


Can I attend an interview without sending my CV first? 

— If you send your CV to us in advance, we will be able to find more suitable vacancy for the interview. Please send it to or send it via the form on the website.

What should be included in my CV?

— It is important for us to know your education background, work experience, tasks performed previously, life goals, interests and hobbies. Describe your completed projects – professional or academic. Tell us about technologies, practices, skills that might be useful in your future job. Indicate your e-mail, telegram alias or phone number.

How long will it take to get a response regarding my application?

— We will contact you within 7 working days, if your application is successful.

What are vacancy selection stages?

1. Interview with a recruitment manager. If it's an IT vacancy, the first stage also includes technical interview.

2. Testing. You should complete a task, which is required for this position.

3. Meeting with a potential manager. This is the final stage.

Recruitment process may vary depending on particular job. How to prepare for an interview?

— Before the interview, you should get acquainted with University profile and job description. This will help you to look more competent and prepare a list of questions in advance to make the interview more productive.

— If it's an online interview, it will be held in Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. Make sure that your camera and microphone are working.

— If it's an offline interview at Innopolis University, you'll get direction to Innopolis and will be notified about interview duration.

How will I know the outcome of my interview?

— We are aiming to provide interview feedback within 7 working days. Decision time can be extended if there're several applicants for a role, which implies more interviews.

What can be done if my candidature is rejected, but I want to try again to apply for a job at Innopolis University?

— If you were unable to pass an interview or complete a test, you can apply for a different position. You can also try to apply for the same role again once you've sharpened your skills and knowledge.

If your application is successful, we will send you a job offer that specifies terms and conditions of employment at Innopolis University.
— Yes, we do. The recruiter will provide you with more detailed information.
— Yes, Innopolis University has employees from 24 countries. Their registration takes place in accordance with the migration legislation of the Russian Federation.
— If the salary is not specified in job description, then we'll consider candidate's expectations.
— We have more than 60 projects and their number is growing. Engineers, developers, and programmers are periodically required for different laboratories, and when we find a specialist for one of the departments, he is already required for another.

For any questions: