Карьера шапка

Riby Abraham Bobby

Senior researcher at the Center for robotics and mechatronics component technologies

Знакомство с Иннополисом

My family and I waited six months to move to Innopolis. We were worried a lot about how we would move and adapt to life in a new city in another country. And one of the first comments my daughter made when she got here: "I can't believe the air in this place isn't polluted." A quiet place on the banks of the Volga river boasts not only clean air, but also a really favorable environment for learning and research. Despite the fact that the climate is relatively cold, the staff of Innopolis University and its residents expressed friendliness, although we almost do not speak Russian.

I can't believe the air in this place isn't polluted

Об универстите

A famous writer from India wrote a book called "from the Volga to the Ganges", in which he told the story of the ancient migration from modern Russia to India. The experience of traveling in the opposite direction from the banks of the Yamuna (another river in India) to the Volga gives us new and exciting experiences every day. Our history of adaptation continues, but with the experience gained so far, we are more confident than ever before.

другие истории

Lily Simonova

Changing the situation is always a challenge for a person, especially if this challenge is moving to a new completely unfamiliar city. But for me, this challenge is an opportunity to learn something new, and for my four-legged friends, it just turned out to be a joy. The University staff helped me arrange rental housing. I submitted the necessary documents and after a while the keys to the apartment were in my hands. When we all turned out to be a friendly company in Innopolis, we saw nothing but a field, two houses and a University. In the first week of life, there was a feeling of emptiness in the new place, as if something was missing after a busy and crowded Kazan. But after a while, this void was filled with walks in the fresh air, classes in the Sports complex, large meetings with family and friends.

Rabab Maruf

Innopolis University was recommended to Me by a colleague who was an agent of the Cambridge University Press CUP in Moscow. I had no idea how I would live and work in a small it city, but the University staff started helping us from the very beginning. The HR Department has provided us with all the necessary information to ensure that the documents are processed without problems and that the relocation process is as simple as possible. The move was completely door-to-door, from my home country to my new home in Russia. We were met at the airport by an Arabic-and English-speaking escort with a wide smile who accompanied us to our new apartment in Innopolis.


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