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Okonicha Ozioma Nenubari

2nd Year, Master’s

Знакомство с Иннополисом

In terms of academics, the professors were distinguished and lectures were interactive. The campus is definitely bigger than what I was used to in Innopolis but it made the whole experience more adventurous. But outside the classrooms, the campus also had a huge library and a botanical garden that were such wonderful places to study. I even had the chance to take an Azerbaijani course for the duration I was there and learnt a bit of the language.


 There was also the Baku Jazz Fest that was absolutely incredible. I got to spend time with other exchange students from Japan, France, Italy, Pakistan, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Algeria and so much more. We created for ourselves a loving and supportive friend group and could study together, visit cultural sites and museums, as well as explore other regions of Azerbaijan together.

 I also had the support of the ESN (Erasmus Student Network), they organized lots of trips, events and much more. With ESN I made my first acrylic painting on canvas, watched my first live proper football match of Azerbaijan vs Austria, I attended a beautiful orchestra concert. All of these were free as a perk of being an ADA student.


 This community was even cooler because I lived in the univerium, a very safe facility that houses students from several universities, not just ADA. It has a sports hall inside, canteen, lounge zone, study rooms on every floor and much more. Although there were disadvantages compared to living in a proper dorm or an apartment. Univerium does not allow cooking, and I really wanted the chance to cook with my friends so we rented apartments some evenings :) You just need an Azerbaijani friend and the process will be smooth.


 I will definitely miss doner and azerchay but not Baku wind :) If you thought Innopolis was windy, wait till you go to Baku!


другие истории

Marina Ivanova

Lectures at <b>Sapienza University (Italy)</b> were engaging and containing complicated topics in an easy-to-understand form.<br> <br> I would recommend students who wish to go on an exchange program to take part in all possible activities which partner university can provide, visit the county of exchange, and make friends.<br>

Ananga Thapaliya

<p> Though my exchange at <b>Luxembourg University</b> was affected by COVID-19, I would still say it was amazing<br> </p>

Semen Kiselev

I had a chance to dive into the history of the foreign country. During the exchange at <b>METU (Turkey)</b>, I lived with friends and one of them was Turkish. This guy showed the key places in Ankara and gave a short review of modern Turkish history.  The brightest day of my exchange program was the day of Remembering Ataturk on 10th November at 9:05 AM when I met many people outside in a crowded street to see how the nation respects its father. 

Maksim Korsunov

<p> It was a warm spring night with cherry blossom trees around, I and 20 more exchange students at <b>KAIST (South Korea)</b> from all around the world met on the roof of the library to drink Korean soju and sing American songs. </p>

Kerim Kochekov

<p> I had a chance to study with Korean students at <b>Seoul National University (South Korea)</b> for a short term to see how hard they study in their university. </p>

Abdelrahman Abounegm

I chose <b>METU</b> because of its reputation and high ranking in the area.

Andrey Palaev

I chose <b>Seoul National University (South Korea)</b> mostly due to its high rankings and high quality of education that is recognized in Korea and worldwide.

Roman Makarov and Adela Krylova

<p> “I always wanted to go somewhere for an Exchange programme, but I was not sure where to go. Couple of weeks before the application deadline a new university was added - the university I have chosen as my first option - The ‘Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember’” - Adela Krylova  </p> <p> </p> <p> “Until the very last moment, I was not sure if I would go for an exchange. Initially, I chose 2 universities where I would like to go for an exchange. After the deadline for the forms came and all documents were submitted, I realised that I did not like my choice of the second university, so I was only left with the first one - ‘Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember’ or ITS.” - Roman Makarov </p>

Kivaev Iaroslav and Ekaterina Mozhegova

<p> </p> <p> Never have we changed life so greatly before the exchange program. </p> <p> </p>


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