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Nils Becker

University of Mannheim, Germany

Fall Semester 2021/22

Знакомство с Иннополисом

Before arrival I hoped to gain contemporary insights especially into AI topics as they are of extreme importance in our today life. Apart from studies, I hoped to connect with Russian and international students to learn about different approaches towards life and new cultures.

In Innopolis I chose “Introduction to Practical Artificial Intelligence” and “Fundamentals of Robotics”. They are not related to any specific major. I was given the opportunity to select courses on my own based on my personal preferences.

In IPAI the lecture and the labs were mixed, so there were no designated lectures or labs in the schedule. Labs were integrated into the lectures to deepen the understanding of the currently taught topic. This resulted in a diversified learning procedure. Every week we had to do a home assignment on the topic we discussed during the week. The home assignments were coding projects. The focus didn’t lay on the way of implementation, but on the output. We were given a lot of freedom on our approaches to tasks, so we could develop our own strategies for solving. Every week the assignments of the previous week were shortly discussed in class, so everybody could learn from the others.

In FoR labs and lecture were divided. Depending on the topic, one or two lecture blocks were spent on a topic. While the lecture focused more on the theoretical basis of the topics, the labs aimed to teach the students the practical application of the theories. Accompanying the labs, we went to the garage in the basement to work on real industry robots, which I liked especially, because it provides a direct link between the taught material and the real-world application. Every week, a short quiz about the lecture material was conducted and a home assignment was due. In the home assignments we were asked to implement a concept of the weeks topic into a code and write a report for our implementation.

This was indeed my first time in Russia or any Russian speaking country. I was naïve to believe, that I could learn Russian within one semester before arrival, but luckily my lack of skill in the Russian language did not turn out to be a huge disadvantage as I was spending a lot of time with the other exchange students (all from Kazakhstan) or new Russian friends. My overall impression of the city of Innopolis is marvelous. I really enjoyed the sports complex but also the activities possible in this still small city. With my friends we visited the cinema and the numerous restaurants multiple times. Also, I often visited Kazan, which offered limitless opportunities to spend free time. In general, I will keep the Russian people as a warm-hearted and friendly towards strangers. For everybody planning to visit Innopolis in months later than October, I can only advise to bring a lot of warm clothes, because the low temperatures and strong winds will demand good cold resistance.

другие истории

Eduardo Fernandes

<p> Innopolis University seemed like a great place for innovation and thinking outside the box. The infrastructure also appeared state-of-the-art, and the university staff is represented by the most respected professors and researchers in their fields. Furthermore, the idea of a city built as the IT center of Russia was very attractive, alongside all the great new technologies being built and tested here. I was expecting to be challenged to think and work outside my comfort zone, develop my ideas using the latest technologies and to learn a lot along the way in a practical manner. Fortunately, all my expectations were met and sometimes even surpassed.<br> </p> <br>

Zhakubayev Azat

I chose Innopolis University because it was interesting for me to see Russia, to see the city of Innopolis, to get acquainted with the teaching methods at IU, since this university is one of the newest and most developed ones in the country.

Bekhruz Nutfilloyev

I did a lot of research and I chose Innopolis because the environment and atmosphere here is great. All my expectations were met. Most importantly, high quality education. I really liked the study system, focused on team projects and research.

Shokhrukhbek Yursunjonov

<p> I have chosen Innopolis University for several reasons:  </p> <p> First reason is networking. I already knew some people from Uzbekistan who were studying here or who had graduated this university back before and their recommendations about this university in Russia inspired me to apply for this program.  </p> <br> <br>

Del Yan

<p> I learned about Innopolis University from my classmate who studies here, it was very interesting for me to see all this live. I heard a lot of great reviews and when I saw the exchange program I quickly made a decision. I took part in the student exchange program to learn a lot of new things and gain knowledge for myself that will be useful in the future. Also new acquaintances were very important for me. </p> <br> <br>

Ramazan Bolat

I have chosen Russia because of the location and resemblance in terms of mentality. I had not been to Russia before, just did a one-day transfer in St. Petersburg.

Yaroslav Mustafin

<p> For me, the availability of education and housing is important. Compared to all other exchange programs, Innopolis is the best option in terms of price / quality ratio. I am a resident of Kazakhstan, Russian is my native language, and I am also Tatar, this also played a role. </p> <br> <br>

Bakhtiyar Bauyrzhan

<p> I have chosen Russia and Innopolis University because it is quite close to Kazakhstan and Innopolis University is one of the best IT universities in the country, also I can speak Russian. I came here to gain new experience and professional skills. </p> <br> <br>

Dastan Makhutov

I chose Innopolis University because I wanted to look at one of the best universities in the CIS in the IT field.

Rafael Toizhanov

<p> I read about Innopolis University before the trip and found out that it was on the top of the Forbes list for IT specialties, the city is fully focused on IT development. Russia is close to Kazakhstan, the language and mentality are very similar. All these factors motivated me to study at Innopolis. </p> <br> <br>

Nikita Niakhai

<p> Hello! My name is Nikita, I am from Belarus and my home university is BSUIR. I have been traveling a lot lately. When I learned about the opportunity to go to Innopolis for an exchange, I became interested and began to actively learn about this place. </p> <br> <br>

Muhammed Esad Mazi

I wanted to learn about Russian Engineering Mindset and Russian Culture in general. In y researches, I found out that IU is one of the best IT schools in Russia. Also, it being English was another plus. 


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