Карьера шапка

Julia Kazaeva

Assistant to Director

Head of Protocol and Records Management Department

Знакомство с Иннополисом

I received an invitation to work at Innopolis University as a Director Assistant in early 2017, while still being on a maternity leave. By this time, I had already heard a lot about Innopolis University as a unique place that not only teaches students, but also implements scientific and industrial projects. I had a lot of experience in office & protocol management in the banking field, but I had no experience in the proposed position in education, so I decided that this was a great time to try something new and step out of the usual comfort zone.

I like that I can freely put my ideas forward and can openly make suggestions, while obtaining useful feedback and support from the management team.

Об универстите

As a Director Assistant, I noticed how I could use my experience to improve work processes at the University. Development of a regulatory framework for document management, automation of documents uploading from 1C — these and other ideas were implemented together with colleagues from the Department of Education Quality Assurance, IT Department and my team of the Department of Protocol and Records Management, which I was entrusted to lead by the management.


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