Corporate life


Corporate life



of the company's management have gone from starting positions to heads of departments and sectors


in 3 years, the University has opened more than 17 new departments


events, conferences and meetups in 2019

Жизнь офиса


Every year, the career development Center conducts an assessment of personnel potential. The success of the employees directly affects the salary, bonuses and the opportunity to improve. The best employees of the year are awarded on the birthday of the it University. 

There are several career scenarios at the University: vertical, horizontal, cross-functional, etc. 


The career development center helps employees develop soft skills, improve their skills, and retrain

The performance of the speakers

Speakers from leading companies and universities from all over the world hold guest lectures at Innopolis University

The development of public speaking skills

Employees can conduct training or lectures

have fun with us

Together we celebrate the New year, March 8, February 23, the birthday of the University and other profile holidays

Win with us

We do sports and fitness together, hold tournaments in football, basketball, volleyball, and organize rafting

Discuss new ideas

Various clubs are organized at the University: dance, language, robotics, so you will find your interest. 

Each employee can open their own club

Success story